Service areas

Tax dispute: Representing your own positions together

We not only represent companies and private individuals in tax audit and opposition proceedings, but also regularly assist tax advisers and auditors in tax disputes. Sometimes it is not possible to reach an agreement with the tax authorities, so that one's own position has to be enforced in the tax courts. As lawyers and tax advisers, we are specialists in procedural and tax law and, if necessary, not only take on the purely tax-related consideration, but also effectively use our decades of experience in the interest of our clients in court.

Our services:

  • Support with complex audits, e.g.
    - VAT and cash register inspections etc.
    - Open shop cash register, electronic cash register
    - Correctness of bookkeeping
    - Authority of the tax authorities to assess tax
    - Clarification of formal accounting deficiencies
    - Clarification of accounting issues
    - Binding commitments
    - Factual representations
  • Objection proceedings at the tax office
  • Actions before the tax court
  • Appeals and appeals against denial of leave to appeal lodged with the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH)
  • Provisional legal protection
  • Notification of facts
  • Protection against enforcement
  • Special procedural questions

our specialists in the area of tax dispute:

  • Niels Doege

    Lawyer, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser, Certified Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Tax Lawyer

    +49 521 2993134

  • Christian Hahn, LL.M.

    Lawyer, Certified Tax Adviser, Certified Tax Lawyer

    +49 521 2993238 (Assistant)