Service areas

Succession and inheritance tax: safeguarding assets - also for the next generation

In individual succession planning, we pursue the central goals of securing assets and ensuring that the handover to the next generation is in line with the client's wishes. On the way to holistic solutions that are sustainable in terms of both civil and tax law, we naturally take into account important entrepreneurial concerns and the tax implications.


Our services:

  • Wills and inheritance contracts
  • Gifts and anticipated succession
  • Establishment of the conditions for preferential treatment in the transfer of business assets
  • Design of tax-optimal structures, e.g. advance restructuring
  • Establishment of "distributive justice" in the case of several successors
  • Setting up and support of foundations
  • Company succession outside the family by sale of the company
  • Preparation of the necessary tax returns (inheritance, gift, determination of company values)
  • Preservation of the capacity to act in a company
  • Supervision, administration and enforcement of asset succession arrangements
  • Enforcement of inheritance law claims and arrangements

our specialists in the area of succession and inheritance tax:

  • Dr. Thomas Beckmann

    Lawyer, Certified Tax Adviser

    +49 521 2993140 (Assistant)

  • Niels Doege

    Lawyer, German Public Auditor, Certified Tax Adviser, Specialist Lawyer of commercial and corporate law, Certified Tax Lawyer

    +49 521 2993134