Inheritance tax and succession advice

Areas of activity

Ensuring assets – also for the next generation

In our succession planning our main objectives are asset protection against third-party claims and the safeguarding of any transfer to the next generation in accordance with your wishes. In our work providing comprehensive solutions with validity before both the courts and the financial authorities, it goes without saying that we take all important and relevant corporate matters and tax impacts into account.

BKS Rechtsanwälte

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Our services:

  • Creation of favourable conditions in the transfer of company assets
  • Creation of tax-optimised structures
  • Creation of “equitable distribution” in the event of several successors
  • Establishment and monitoring of foundations
  • Company sale (if for example there is/are no suitable successor[s])
  • Assistance with and tracking of inheritance tax declarations
  • Safeguarding the legal capacity of a company
  • Monitoring, administration and enforcement of asset succession regulations
  • Assertion of inheritance claims and arrangements